Hebrews 11…

…is where I found myself last week – staring up at its vast cliff face above me.  In the end I’m not sure I came up with more than a few loose chippings from its majestic surface, but here they are:

  • FAITH accepts the unseen past.  Since weren’t there when the world was made (no matter how old we feel!), faith makes us accept God’s version of events regarding its origins.
  • FAITH embraces the unseen future.  Noah, for instance, built his vast boat miles from the sea under a cloudless sky.  The Talmud makes much of his neighbours’ reactions to this bizarre gesture of faith.  Abraham, too, leaves us breathless by his example – setting off for an unseen land atteh age of 75.  The great thing about preaching in an established community of faith is that these kind of axamples are all around you as a preacher.
  • FAITH transforms the present.  Abraham, Moses, and even Moses’ parents defied the odds and behaved differently in the present because of what they believed.
  • As uncomfortable as we might be with the description of us in Hebrews 11 as those of whom ‘the world is not worthy’, our faith nonetheless makes us a race set apart, withour eyes set on a different horizon and our feet marching to a different beat.

Well there it is – my inspirational worm.  It wrigggled its best last night, and I must trust that some were blessed.  How have other people tackled this soaring mass of  Scripture?