…ideas for advent come

Hmm. First Sunday of Advent coming up,  an important milestone in the church’s calendar.  Every year as the pace quickens for Christmas preparation, the church remembers her far greater preparation for the advent which is yet to come.  And yet knowing all that – how do you ‘sell’ it? There’s nothing terribly pacey or exciting about preparation, is there?

  • Preparation is that boring bit of doing the decorating where you have to spend hours scraping off old paint and washing down walls.
  • Preparation is the dull bit of cooking with all the chopping and marinating before the exciting stuff with hot pans and leaping flames begins
  • Preparation might be a word for a patent remedy that no-one much wants to take but it may do them some good.

So how do we open up the wonderful season of advent from the pulpit,then?  If I could do with words what Handel does with music in The Messiah, I would be very happy.

Any suggestions?