Yes, you did read that right.

Of course you can’t hear the snow falling, but once it’s down the whole world sounds different. Everything, from the passing of a car outside to a footfall on the pavement sounds strange and dulled.  In her excellent book Creating a learning church, Margaret Cooling observes:  ‘The millions of small actions that make up life, and the sheer amount of information that bombards us, build up an invisible film like a blanket of snow that dulls the senses and leaves us muffled.’

As preachers we must wade through that invisible blanket every time we preach. Our wit, insight and human warmth must melt through that thick blanket of excess information and verbiage under which each soul is buried. Hopefully we will have something worth giving them when we get there, like a great shaggy St Bernard with its barrel of brandy.

That said, the spirit we bear should be of more lasting value!