Lost for words

Just back from a few days in the astoundingly beautiful French Alps. Every vista seemed to bring new depths of beauty – azure skies, dazzling white snow and the occasional jagged black rock.  As a person used to wielding words to particular effect, I find myself at a loss to describe what I saw. Perhaps I shouldn’t try, and should merely let the picture speak for itself.

Spurgeon, that great ‘prince of preachers’, who devoted hours and hours to expounding and explaining God’s word, nonetheless acknowledged that there were times when it had an eloquence all of its own, and the best thing was just to let it speak for itself. He described it as a ‘lion, which simply needs to be released from its cage’. 

Most preachers feel that the poor old lion can’t manage all by itself, and must be ushered out of the cage only behind the preacher’s protective words. I wonder? At times, especially with the Bible’s most poetic passages, it might be best just to let people gaze in wonder, much like this dumbstruck preacher gazing up at the Alps.