Just bought a new phone…

…and still coming to terms with the bewildering array of programmes, applications and gizmos it offers me.  Great fun to play with…and it makes phone calls too.

Years ago one or two really radical churches set up dial-a-sermon phone lines, where people could ring into an answerphone number and get a fresh sermon every day.  I often wondered whether it was only ‘consumers’ who rang in though?  Were there one or two late Saturday night phone calls from ‘professionals’ too, looking for a bit of inspiration for Sunday before it was too late?

Its a curious thing, inspiration, don’t  you think?  Its a will-o-the-wisp which shows itself momentarily before darting off round the corner and losing itself in the minutiae of everyday life.  Its still there, of course, lurking under the bills and agendas and little notes of things to do – its just that its hiding for now. 

For the past two weeks I have been repeatedly trying to plan a preaching programme for the next quarter.  Inspiration has led me on her usual merry dance, showing a half-baked idea here and a possible strand there.  I think I’m onto something now, although I’ll have to look at it in the cold light of day tomorrow to be sure.

Perhaps there’s a ‘preaching programme’ app on the phone I just haven’t found…