Best of friends or worst of enemies?

As Easter approaches, the thoughts of many preachers turn to this great festival. Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday all present utterly different moods, and require different things from the preacher.

I have just pulled my ‘Easter file’ from the shelf and begun to browse through last year’s sermons and orders of service. I hate to repeat myself, and will aim to tackle things differently this year. After all, who wants to use the same approach and the same passages every year?

But its not all about me, is it?  My calling is to be faithful to the Word and helpful to the church. If this means that innovation must occasionally bow to tradition, then so be it. Not only that, but it would be an arrogant preacher indeed who thinks that anybody actually remembers what I said or how I said it one year after the event. I hardly remember it myself!

Innovation has its place. It can stimulate preacher and people into approaching the great festivals from a new angle. However, where innovation becomes novelty, and novelty becomes an upstart who simply wants to bask in the limelight, we need to be cautious.

That said, if anyone wants to borrow a plastic donkey for Palm Sunday , I could probably help them out…