The great debate

Commentators who had hailed last night’s party leaders’ debate as a televisual landmark were probably not disappointed. Three capable men in three smart suits with three tasteful ties gave a creditable account of themselves. The whole thing was slick, well managed, and designed to attract an audience into political engagement who have traditionally lingered beyond its fringes.

I was thinking about all this today when flicking through a selection of ‘message posters’  for display outside churches. One suggests, rather tamely, that church “might be your cup of tea”, and another depicts a panda, but suggests that if you can’t bear it, you might like to pop into church!?

Christians in general and preachers in particular often fight shy of any presentation of our message which seems overly slick.  However, there is surely a happy medium between slick and s(l)oppy.

God clearly thought that medium and message were important – since the message was delivered through the medium of his son.

Preachers, watch and learn…