Just been asked…

…by the BBC to give a six word description of myself for the announcer to introduce me on late night Pause for Thought. Hmm…not a question you are asked every day! Try it now, I dare you – and you’ll soon find yourself stuck.  In a bid for brevity you find yourself swaying between the boringly bland and the faintly ridiculous.  Mind you, in other ways it is a good discipline.  After all, if you can’t sum up what you are all about – what chance do others stand?

If I had a pound for every preacher who said “I’ll just be brief” or “I’ve nearly finished”, I would probably be writing this on a very expensive computer! If you need to say it, you have already said too much, and should probably have edited more out before you started.

That said, a six word sermon is a pretty tall order. Mind you, “the greatest of these is love” (six words) isn’t bad!