An experiment in Bible networking on Twitter

 Inspired by the launch in early May 2010 of One Twitter One Book – a book discussion group with 7500 members, Chatbible is a new venture in Bible discussion


You may feel that it should be ‘discussion’ or ‘weighty theological analysis’. However, the title ‘chat’ has been chosen deliberately. Chatbible is intended as an informal discussion forum where no question is too simple and no comment too brief to be valued. With its facility for comment by phone or laptop on the move, it allows the conversation to stretch across borders and to take place at any time of the day or night.

140 characters on the greatest book ever written?

The fact is that for many this would be 140 characters more than many are contributing to any Bible discussion right now. Some Bible chat is better than none, surely? Not only that, but you can tweet as many comments as you like!

How will it work?

Sign up to follow Twitter@chatbible. Initially this experiment will be tried over a period of six weeks, with a different Bible passage to discuss every week, as detailed below. Participants are invited to comment, question, and respond to each other’s comments and questions.

Week 1: May 17 – 23  The Beatitudes – what are they all about? – Matthew 5 v. 1 – 11

Week 2: May 24 – 30  John’s overture to Jesus – John 1 v. 1 – 14

Week 3: May 31st – June 6th  Tales of lost & found – Luke 15 v.1 – 31

Week 4: June 7th- 13th  A desperate Psalm – Jonah 2

Week 5: June 14th – 20th  God’s servant – Isaiah 42 v. 1 – 9

Week 6: June 21st – 27th  Gideon – hero or wimp? –  Judges 6