…but exhausted!

Just back from the Christian resources exhibition, which had its usual bewildering array of items on offer.  In my two hours at the exhibition I could have bought anything from a digital sound system to a  hand embroidered surplice.  The whole thing made for some quite bizarre juxtapositions, such as reformed bookstalls next to dance outfits and a bowl of sweets next to the eating disorder stand.  Still, it reflects the diversity of the Christian Church, I suppose.

As a preacher I can have the most sophisticated microphone clipped to my lapel and stand at the most exquisitely carved lectern, but in the end it comes down to servant, word and spirit in a heady combination which reflects the heavens and shakes the earth.  The church may have acquired more equipment in the last twenty-one centuries, but does that make it better equipped?

On Monday I look forward to joining with others on the new Chatbible adventure on Twitter. Together we shall hold a precious piece of God’s word up and see how it refracts the light.  Fancy joining us? Check the details at http://bit.ly/cnZ8Dw. The puzzling and provocative Word of God is surely our most fundamental piece of equipment?

Apart from sore feet, you may wonder what else I brought back from the exhibition.  Suffice it to say that I had to make room for a half life-size Mary and Joseph in the back of the car on the way home. They will soon take up residence with a plastic donkey in the organ loft awaiting their day. For now, though, they are sitting in my office with my exhibition ID badge round their necks.

  I wonder what their real-life forebears would have made of all this equipment and paraphernalia?