Reflections from the Twitterverse

Just launched a new venture on Twitter (chatbible @ twitter) and find myself nervously checking to see who is making use of it. It feels like throwing the front room of your house open to the public and then cracking the door open every now and then to see who has taken you up on the offer.  On the one hand they might be in there putting their feet on the furniture ; but on the other hand there might be nobody there at all and you feel like your house is too dull. We shall see…

I wonder how long it will be before those preachers who have virtual friends on social networks end up having virtual congregations?  Will they develop a ‘fan base’ of those who only ever listen in remotely? Of course this has the great advantage of including people whom ill health or geographic separation would prevent from attending worship. However, it also encourages the kind of ‘walk-away’ mentality which the World-wide-web makes so easy.  Instead of living with my brothers and sisters in Christ whilst they live out the messy consequences of the sermon they have just heard – a simple click of the index finger can send me skidding miles away across cyber space.

It strikes me that if we are to be responsible Christians in the real space which each of us occupies, we shall have to learn to do the same in the cyber spaces where we choose to make ourselves known as well.  Values like integrity, loyalty, purity of thought and speech apply as much in the virtual world as they do in the real one.

So, if you’ve got your feet up on my virtual sofa please make yourself feel at home – and whilst you’re at it, why not chat to the others who are in there with you too?