On making old things new

Did you notice the emphasis in the billboard advertising as Apple prepared to launch their latest toy on the UK market? By all accounts  the ipad will pick up where the iphone left off – combining sleek elegance with intuitive design and speedy technology to great effect. How did they advertise this Twenty-First century marvel though? By showing that you could use it to read a magazine or book…just as you could have done in the Twentieth, or even the Nineteenth centuries! Some techno blogs have even waxed lyrical about the page turning graphics and how it gives you the look and feel of actually reading paper.  In the twinkle of a pixellated eye, Apple have made the old  medium look new, and the new technology look reassuringly old.  Brilliant!

In half an hour or so I shall go down to church and prepare myself to preach. As ever, it will be far more about preparing the preacher than preparing the sermon. I shall pray that God will take the ordinary medium of a human and his timeless word and combine the two to great effect. I shall pray that the Word of the First Century (John’s Gospel, in this case) will speak with the voice of the Twenty First Century that all might be blessed. I shall pray that he makes the old startlingly new, and the new reassuringly old enough to be absorbed. 

Regrettably, this post was not written on a shiny new ipad. For now iplod rather than ipad…but I shall continue to do it hopefully!