…like preaching from a high & distant pulpit, is not to be recommended.

Like the high wire artist, many preachers must tread a narrow and challenging line on significant occasions in the calendar.  Like the high wire artist, they must combine confidence with poise, and hope not to come crashing ingloriously to earth, frightening their onlookers and ruining the moment.

Today is father’s day – a high wire with over-emphasis on the one side and under-emphasis on the other. Many fathers are confused or intimidated by their role, and could sorely do with a word from God on the subject.  Others would love to be fathers but cannot, or would love to get on  with their fathers but cannot . Can all these needs be met…and within the context of all age worship too? Time to pray for a Pentecost-like miracle of both speaking and hearing, I think.

Of course, for those of you who would take the high-wire allusion further and describe the church as circus…I couldn’t possibly comment!