Illustrations find you… (II)

In hospital the other day, and staring out of the window as you do to while the hours away. Witnessed a road traffic accident between a hesitant small car and an impatient white van. The car,apparently, was waiting to turn into the hospital on the crown of the road, when the van slammed into the back of it. The rear of the car was crumpled and the  front of the van caved in. Long after the car was pushed away to safety, the van and its disgruntled driver were awaiting a tow from a breakdown service.

The thing is the van was advertising a ‘watch again’ facility for a cable TV supplier. Care to hazard a guess as to the van’s advertising slogan, emblazoned in big letters down the side?

Near Miss?

You couldn’t make it up.  Oh well, rich pickings for the preacher, I suppose…