…but knee time.

Quite apart from the fact that I regard “me time” as an ugly phrase, it wasn’t what I needed this morning.  After an insanely busy week which stretched all the way from primary school assemblies at one end to lecturing and a Bible Study in French at the other, I really needed to be on my knees this morning.  Its not that the sermon wasn’t written In fact, in the providence of God, I had found opportunities to write two sermons in amongst everything this week. No, it wasn’t writing it on paper which was needed…but writing it on my heart. A process of ‘percolation’ which might have happened over time during an ordinary week simply was not possible on this occasion.

So, it was a quick trip from my desk to the floor this morning. Notes were quickly arranged, numbered, clipped together and placed in my bible.  Then it was time for the real preacher’s work of preparation – placing myself in the hands of the father, and asking him to breathe life into this particular clay doll of a preacher.