Impromptu preaching

Last Friday, whilst I was busy contemplating my sermon for Sunday, a mobile phone shop manager in Florida was preaching hers off the cuff.  Whilst I was busy blotting out the sounds of “the grand old duke of York” from the toddler group downstairs, she was maintaining her concentration when staring down the barrel of a gun pointed at her.  In a calm and measured voice she spent two to three minutes talking to her assailant.  In these most stressful of circumstances she managed to convey that Jesus loved him, that he had beautiful eyes but was lost, and that God would help him if he allowed it.  As the man abandoned his raid and left the shop she enjoined him to ‘get back to church’. The full story can be read at

Those of us for whom the greatest risk posed by preaching is that we might get some stick for misquoting a verse or mumbling our words should take note.  Maybe the truest sermon we ever preach is the one we could not have prepared?