Perils of pre-prepared preaching

When you go food shopping there is so much to look out for, don’t you think?  There is information about salt and fat contents, possibly a “health wheel”, details about where the product was sourced and a little snowflake symbol to indicate that the product can be frozen. Can is the operative word, however. Whether or not it should be frozen in another matter altogether.  We have all had food whose sojourn in the freezer has robbed it of all texture, taste and appeal.

As I am about to go away, returning to work just before a Sunday – I have had to pre-prepare my sermon before I leave.  Of course this can be done – I have done it many times.  Whether it should be done is another matter. Of course a timeless God can guide me as much about what to say in two weeks’ time as he can about what to say in two minutes’ time. On that, I just have to trust Him.

A bit like bland and indestructible bread rolls defrosted after their freeze though- I don’t want my sermon to be chewy, unappealing and bland. (Where have I heard that before?( )

Any tips on reheating?