Could you, would you?

Just been reading a fascinating article in the Harvard Business Review ( how ‘millenials’ use web 2.0 applications – like Facebook and Twitter, to ‘narrate’ their work. In other words, those who are brave enough not only publish the finished results of their work, but also allow people a glimpse of the process. the questions, the self-doubt and the mistakes along the way.

Traditionally preaching has been shrouded in a cloak of mystique and respect where the preacher is dispatched into the jungle of the text to re-emerge with a fully polished sermon. We do not want to know about the journey she or he has been on, and we avert our eyes from the scratches and bruises acquired along the way.

Is this helpful, for preacher or listener?  Whilst I am not suggesting the collaborative writing of sermons online, there may be ways for preachers to helpfully ‘narrate’ their textual journey along the way.  Indeed, this was one of the reasons for establishing the Preacher’s Blog in the first place.

For most of us our only experience of a sermon being narrated is by those two people who don’t hear quite as well as they used to. One turns to the other and asks in a loud stage whisper “is it over yet?”

Could we make it into something more positive, I wonder?