…but it could be Jesus

Ok, ok so you’ve all heard the story. Some well-meaning preacher is introducing his children’s talk by saying that he is thinking of something “with a red bushy tail which lives in the forest and buries acorns for the Winter months…and what do the children think it might be”. Some eager child raises their hand and says “it sounds like a squirrel but it must be Jesus”.  We smile indulgently because we have all been there.

This week, however, I have spent my time in the company of 100+ children, and it has been both exhausting and illuminating.  Just yesterday I was using an illustration of how little shrivelled, pathetic dried-up raisins sink in ordinary water, but are helped to the surface by the bubbles in fizzy water.  As the children watched the raisins dancing up and down one bright little girl gave a very accurate scientific description of how the bubbles help the little raisin out, attaching themselves and helping it to make the journey all the way to the surface. In a quiet voice, a  boy at the back commented, very simply, that this was “a bit like God”. Out of the mouths…

Preachers – never talk so long that you don’t listen…and whenever you can expose your soul to the wonder of other souls – lest you forget how to be amazed!