Air guitars in church…

…are not usually a problem.  However, as you can see – we have a slight problem just now.  I have to confess that I am the culprit.  When leading our holiday club last week, I inadvertently let go of my helium-filled guitar.  In a kind of horrible slow-motion, I turned, along with one hundred or so children, to watch it drifting inexorably up to the church ceiling, where it now resides.

The thing is – what should we do with it now?  It is way out of most people’s eye-line, and it just sits there quietly, its limp neck occasionally shifting in the breeze. Unless you know to look for it, it might as well not be there. On the other hand,if it chooses to detach itself during a funeral, or a communion service, or even..a sermon, it could be a different story.

Or maybe we worry too much about these things? Perhaps we are more concerned with dignity and decorum than we ought to be.  The church is a community, after all. If it is functioning properly, then it contains within its number saints and sinners, enquirers and disciples.  What that means about their attitudes to loose air guitars is another matter, I suppose.

What do you think – stay or go?