The fibres of my carpet…

…probably have more bearing on my preaching than the grain on my desk. In other words, God probably does more to prepare my heart for preaching when I am on my knees (or face down on the floor) than when I am sitting at my desk.  It is at those moments that the servant-master relationship is truly restored, and I am put in my place. A herald is at best an errand boy for his master.

In those quiet moments I have often turned to Moses’ frightened encounter with God where he receives his commission to speak and act. I have often read God’s pointed question about ‘who gave man his mouth?’  As preachers, though, we are well aware of our mouths and the heavenly ‘gift of the gab’.  With our mouths we do our level best to persuade, encourage, coax, enlighten and describe.  God gave us our ears too though.

There is a time to listen…and it is never better placed than just before we speak.