A cautionary tale for preachers

After all – there’s all that other stuff to remember – like Bible, notes, praying etc. How can you be expected to be responsible for the water in the pulpit too? In my previous church there was a big, high, imposing pulpit. Standing up there, in the last verse of the last hymn before the sermon, I decided to pour myself a drink from the carafe of water provided. The only trouble was – I looked up at the clock as I was doing so…and poured it all down my trouser leg! I squelched about in the pulpit for the duration of the sermon, and then stood at the door afterwards with my legs firmly crossed to cover my embarrassment!

If that is the biggest problem I ever face with water – I am a very fortunate person indeed. Along with thousands of other bloggers  I am drawing attention today to those whose problems with water are far far greater. Can you believe that every week 38,000 children under 5 die from diseases associated with polluted water? Think today of how different your life would be if you had no water in the tap…no flushing toilet…no means to clean body or clothes.

When water is the thing that’s missing it’s not a game, and maybe this LittleBigPlanet needs to think more seriously about how to share a resource far more precious than oil. To sign the Blog Action Day petition – please click here.