Wonderful resources

In my first church our candlelit carol service used to attract people  from miles around and was often packed to overflowing. On one year, just as I was leaving after a service packed with beautiful music and a creative approach to the story, I overheard one child saying ‘I hate Christmas – it’s always the same boring stories’.

That’s the trouble, really, isn’t it? As preachers we must always preach on the same stories at Christmas, as they are its very essence. What matters is that we find different and creative ways of doing it. Today I have drafted my Christmas services chart, on which I shall begin to map the different ideas for different services.  However, the start of that particular Christmas journey has been made so much easier today by wonderful web content from the likes of Paperless Christmas and Christmas.org. Over the next few weeks I shall try to share some small ideas on here which might be of help for preachers.

For now, though, let me direct you the wonderful Paperless Christmas site, with its superb videos.