Far flung sprouts

As promised, I shall be posting occasional ideas on here which might  be of some use as we prepare for Christmas. Feel free to use, recycle, reject or accept at will!

For this first one you need to do a little research into the ingredients of a typical Christmas lunch and how far they have travelled. (This also gives you an opportunity to raise the issue of food miles)

  • Print a picture of each ingredient on a separate piece of card and  secrete them about the church under people’s seats.
  • Have each person bring their ‘ingredient’ to the front ( in no particular order) and read out the miles involved.
  • Look at the first few verses of Hebrews 1 and talk about the long journey from Eden to Christmas.
  • Conclude with the (true) story of a missionary working inland in Africa who was presented on Christmas morning with a beautiful conch shell by a  local man. When she exclaimed that it was a very long way to the beach to fetch it, he grinned and said  and said “long walk part of gift”