Preparing for Biblefresh

Just been reading the Bible Psalm (119) as I look ahead on this New Year’s morning to Biblefresh year.  Like many others, I will be hoping to understand, communicate and embody the Word as vigorously as possible. Reading the Psalm just now, one particular verse caught my attention:

The unfolding of your words gives light. (v.130)

There’s a world of skill, prayer and hope caught up in that little word “unfolding”, surely?  It may mean mornings in the study, afternoons by the hospital bed, or hours on the knees if we are to fulfill our calling. If the application of God’s word were obvious he would not call preachers to their  work. Since he does – they must engage in the task of unfolding, both in the private space of the study and public space of the pulpit.

Below is a picture of an incredible artwork by Tomohiro Tachi.  The artist has folded a single piece of paper into this three dimensional person. If you wonder how he made it, you have only to click here, and you will see the fold-pattern, revealing the depth of skill involved. Every tiniest crease contributes to the intricate whole.

Unlike Tachi, we are involved in unfolding, rather than folding. However, if the result of our labours is half as arresting then we have cause to rejoice.