Away with the blog-o-meter

A few moments ago, I did something I have never done in the history of this blog- I removed a post. It is not because it was salacious, or slandered anybody or infringed copyright in any way. It’s not because it undermined any theology which I hold dear. No, it’s because it undermined the purpose of this blog.

The post was kindly supplied by my blog hosting company, WordPress, as a note of how well the blog has been doing. It gave a note of overall statistics, a list of top posts – and rather bizarrely told me how many jumbo jets it would take to accommodate all the readers so far! It even had a fancy graph called a blog-o-meter. I was encouraged and flattered by it – so much so that I posted it here for all to see.

Here’s the problem, though – as soon as the blog becomes about the blog it falls prey to  a kind of atavism, don’t you think? I doubt very much whether those of you kind enough to visit these pages do so in order to find out how the pages themselves are doing. Some of you visit to read, some to comment, and others to harvest ideas for preaching or discussion which will take root elsewhere. All these things are more than welcome.

So forgive me if you hoped to see the stats and are now unable to do so. Forgive me, too, if you did see them and felt that they were out of place. They were – and their brief sojourn on these pages is over.

Onward with 2011 – let’s leave God to worry about the statistics and hang on for the ride!