…not cloying uniformity

A couple of years ago it was my turn to conduct the local service for the Week Of Prayer for Christian unity.  The centrepiece of the service was a sermon illustrated by the video below. Quite apart from the fact that it is great fun, its celebration of colour seemed to me to be ideal for such an occasion. If we use the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity to wring our hands and hang our heads and say how shameful it is that there are differences between us, surely we have missed the point? This is an opportunity, rather, to celebrate the light, colour and diversity of the churches we represent. As I said in a previous discussion, it may be that Chevreul, Seurat and Pollock have some lessons to teach us here.

Fallon, who made the advert above, have things to teach us too. It took:

  • 70,000 litres of paint
  • 622 bottle bombs
  • 455 mortars
  • 57 km of wire
  • 1700 detonators

– to make the film.

Beauty from diversity takes some doing – but it is certainly worth it!