Beyond the podcast

When writing my chapter on ‘preaching in the digital future’ for The Future of Preaching last year, I joked that the day may come when you stay at home with a holographic preacher for company instead of going to church. For many, myself included, that would be a nightmare rather than a blessing. As expressed in yesterday’s post, Christian fellowship is intended to be messy and gritty, and to shape us all by colliding with each other’s personalities.

However, it would seem that this technological possibility has moved a step closer this week. Yesterday Manchester airport revealed their holographic representations of staff members John Walsh and Julie Capper. These holographic staff will welcome people to the security check in area and explain the procedures to them. Trials so far have been extremely succesful.


Here’s the really scary thing, though. Apparently some passengers have been so convinced by the holograms that they have tried to hand in passports to them. I don’t know about you, but I would be ever so slightly depressed if a holographic representation of me preaching was mistaken for the real thing. Not only that, but I have sneaking suspicion that some people might be looking for the ‘off’ switch!