Hobson’s homiletical choice

Back in the Autumn, when I was planning the church’s Spring preaching programme, it seemed like a really good idea to hold some kind of “Valentine’s special” this Sunday. Now that it is nearly here – I’m not so sure.

I can’t decide between speaking out about the shabby tat and lewd nonsense which passes for romantic (and sounding like Mr Grumpy in the process) or rolling over and joining in with the lovefest, whilst seeking to bring some Christian significance to it.  Add to that the complications of the singles and others in the church who would be happy to let Valentine’s pass them by – and you have a real dilemma. Which should it be?

Whilst pondering that – think on this.  Last time I went looking for some worthwhile Valentines’ gift the best one I found was …in a new age shop, surrounded by ‘faeries’ spell books and ‘magic stones’.  There in the midst of them was a beautiful candle, engraved with 1 Corinthians 13. It seemed like a real ‘Paul-in-Athens’ moment, with a yearning for God expressed in amongst the pagan statuary.

The guiding light on occasions such as Valentines’, I’m sure, is to ‘make the most of every opportunity’  (Ephesians 5 v.16) for the Gospel- whilst all the while avoiding sounding like Mr Grumpy!

[PS: perhaps there are more positive ways to express the love at this time of year – see my post on the Toilet Twinning blog: http://toilettwinning.blogspot.com/]