Patience and perspective

Yesterday two would-be astronauts who have spent over eight months on a simulated Mars mission were allowed a spectacular change of routine. They donned their space suits, ventured out onto a Mars-coloured sand pit, and conducted mock experiments. No wonder they knocked their bag of equipment over – perhaps the excitement was too much for them! On balance – it’s a  long wait to play in a sand pit.

That, of course, is unfair. It is easy for those of us who do not understand the psychological effects of their confined space nor the enormous expectations upon them, to mock. It’s always like that,though, when you look from one person’s world into another – don’t you think?  Next time you try to explain the intricacies of communion or intercession to a person who has nothing to do with church you’ll remember.

Maybe that’s why I’m glad that my job allows me the opportunity not just to  preach to churches and train preachers – but also to conduct assemblies for children. The latter has a way of bringing me down off my theological high horse with a bump! Who knows – perhaps if I play my cards right one of those children will bring me back a piece of Mars rock when they grow up and become an astronaut?