The curse of the mobile

If you had to think of the worst possible moment for your mobile phone to ring – I wonder what it would be?  Every time I record a radio broadcast, I live in dread of forgetting to turn my mobile off. Equally, it would be seriously embarrassing to have it go off during a prayer meeting or whilst preaching. Can you imagine, though, the awkwardness if it went off during a funeral?

Mourners at St Margaret’s Church, Rottingdean, don’t have to imagine. At a funeral service last week somebody had forgotten to switch their mobile off. That would have been bad enough, but would you care to hazard a guess as to the offending ring-tone?  Whilst many tracks spring to mind, the Bee Gees’ ‘staying alive’ is definitely not the best!

Confession is, apparently, good for the soul – so what have been your most awkward mobile moments? Time to share…