No tweet too small

I have commented before on the digital noise which is the accompaniment to my day.  Whilst some might find it distracting, for the most part it keeps me in touch with the world. Across my computer screen as I prepare a sermon or plan a programme for the church comes information about everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.  This morning was a good example. At 10.15am, I received the following Tweet:

Hoping for the guttering/roofing people to come and do their stuff

Scrolling a little further down, I found this Tweet, sent one minute earlier from the International Space Station:

Up on the nose! Discovery’s close-up photo from ISS, approaching.

It was accompanied by a photo:

Image: NASA

Like it or not, this is the borderless, instantly communicating world in which we live. In it a man mending the gutter and a spacecraft mending the space station sit side by side. As those committed to excellence in communication, we need to keep up.

It is important, though, that we keep up with both ends of the communication – namely the majestic and the ordinary.  Earlier this morning Jonny Rose published an excellent post on why he asks people about what they have for breakfast. Basically – its all about community.

For the past thirteen years it has been my privilege to serve in a church whose stated mission is ‘bringing Christ to the community and the community to Christ’.

How big is the community, though?