World Book Day 2011

Up and down the country right now, children will be settling down in their classrooms dressed as characters from their favourite books for World Book Day. The more game amongst their teachers will be doing the same thing. If you happened to pass an Alice in Wonderland, a Captain Hook or a Professor Dumbledore on your way to work this morning – don’t be alarmed. You weren’t imagining it nor do you need to visit your optician.

As Christians we have something of a reputation for being “bookish” people. Indeed the Qur’an refers to Christians and Jews as ‘people of the book’. This should be especially true in this Biblefresh year.  I wonder whether it is, though?  Do the values of the Bible percolate through our very beings?  Do we dance to its rhythm and march in step with its beat?  That is where projects like the Big Read, mentioned earlier, are so important.

When I was first a Christian it seemed that people were forever telling me that ‘you are the only Bible some people will ever read’. If that is indeed the case, then I had better hope it is a good translation.  It needs to authentically represent the source text in the culture where I live. In that sense, every day is ‘book day’ for a Christian.

So, will you be donning a Biblical costume for work today?  Or will you opt for a more subtle reference to the world’s most influential book?