Church & commerce can work

There was a time when church and commerce were unhealthy partners. People point, for instance, to the way in which Western trade rode into the heart of Africa on the back of mission.  Maybe this is why local churches are nervous of partnering with local businesses. We are also wary in case their agenda and ours are different. But why can’t we write two agendas on the same page?

Last year we led a harvest initiative to donate ‘scholar packs‘ to schools in Uganda. We unashamedly directed people to a local stationer, and they gladly offered a discount for those filling their scholar packs in the shop.  We have just launched a Biblefresh photo competition sponsored by local businesses who are keen to be promoted to the many people who come through the church during a week. We wanted prizes for the competition and they wanted advertising – so we have helped each other out.

As you will see from the video below, in Gothenburg this Winter this kind of partnership has been conducted on a grand scale.  Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

With thanks to @Kore