Thoughts on Twitter’s fifth birthday

The brainchild of a bunch of techy geeks in San Francisco has definitely outgrown its playpen. People are currently tweeting at the rate of over 140 million tweets per day, and over 300,000 new people are joining in on a daily basis. Of course more communication does not necessarily mean better communication, as evidenced by pamorama’s infographic below. In my view, face-to-face is still at the top of the communication tree.

So what do you buy a precocious five year-old on its birthday? On my bookshelf I have an enormous leather-bound Bible with hefty brass clasp which was presented to a five year-old boy on his birthday. I doubt whether he could even lift it, let alone appreciate it.

Here are five suggestion’s for celebrating the fifth birthday:

  1. Tweet something today which is positive without being twee
  2. Tweet a picture of something today which makes you smile, in the hopes that it will do the same for others
  3. Retweet something today which will contribute to a life-enhancing cause
  4. Find and follow someone in a troubled place around the world
  5. Tweet #happybirthdaywhale at 1305 today – see what happens!