When Scripture speaks

As a preacher I set great store by allowing Scripture to speak.  I regard it as my responsibility to do my exegetical homework so that I understand the Scripture enough to understand where it intersects with the world in which I live and breathe.  This is where the art of translation matters most to the preacher.  In Tearfund’s latest film, below, you will see words from the Psalmist and the prophet Micah voiced against the shocking background of climate change. They are the same words you have always heard and read, but voiced in this context they assume a new potency and urgency.  They have been translated into a world where the climate is changing, and the equivalent of the population of Newcastle dies every year through its effects.


Those of us who are fans of social media celebrate its ability to connect us together regardless of distance or time zones. It really has shrunk the world. However, that same connectedness which allows me to chat with a friend in a rich part of the world also makes a human being in a poor part of the world more truly my neighbour than ever before.  Add to that the fact that you may be reading this on a screen whose production contributed to the pollution which is making grubby rain fall on that neighbour’s field right now – and you have all the makings of a major ethical dilemma.

Tearfund doesn’t preach – they act, and also urge us to do the same. What this film does, though, is to make us think – which always makes the world a richer place.