Plastic duck

Over the years I have given out dozens of these little ducks – some with wings and some without. I have handed them out at preaching seminars to preachers who all too often feel like sitting ducks in the pulpit.  I hand them out at the start of the day, without any explanation.  At the end of the day, after we have looked at confidence busters and confidence boosters; after we have reviewed techniques for preparation and delivery; after we have reviewed the preacher’s prayer life and creative nourishment – only then do we return to my little plastic friend.

Ducks in hand, we then watch an old Heineken advert where fairground ducks in the shooting gallery imbibe some of said liquid  and return to see off their erstwhile persecutors! (You can WATCH the video here) Not that I am encouraging preachers to take pot-shots at their congregations – but it does bring a wry smile and a dash of confidence!