Constructing a post

Yesterday I put up this picture and asked for your comments

as to how it might form the basis of a blog post.

The first thing to note is that whilst 55 people visited the post, only 3 left comments, and another 2 did so on Twitter.

The second is that comments erred towards tree content rather than life and death content. Thus one person directed us to the ‘shoot of Jesse’ (Isaiah 11 v.1) another to Ezekiel’s trees (Ezekiel 17 v.24).  Another straddled the gap between both subjects with a Proverbs reference to a life devoted to things being a ‘stump‘, whereas a God-shaped life is like a flourishing tree’ ( Proverbs 11 v.28). Another person went down a similar, though non-biblical route, by directing me to a German poem which talked about the ‘immortal scent of the lime trees’.

The original intention behind the photo competition was to encourage people to connect biblical and physical observations of the world.  One or two have confessed, rather guiltily, that they took their photo first and sought a verse which would fit second. Why should this be a problem? If the whole exercise causes us to interpret the world biblically, or the Bible visually – surely a good thing has been achieved?  The direction of interpretation is not so important as the skill it teaches, I reckon. When I occasionally teach a seminar on news-based preaching, I encourage people not only to interpret the news in the light of the Bible, but the other way round too.

What do you think?