Easter time, or something

Almost every day when I check the stats for this blog, I see that someone has landed on it by searching for the term ‘plastic donkey‘.  I’m not quite sure why my little plastic friend is so popular, but clearly he is.

Since that is the case, I thought I should give an update on his most recent adventures.

Yesterday, he was brought out of his storage next

to the church organ.


After this, he travelled down to the ground floor in the lift

(a tight squeeze for donkey and handlers).


He then took up residence in the church     lobby, resplendent with cloaks on his back and at his feet,  where he will remain until after Easter.




Just as the finishing touches were completed, two young mums came past on their way out of the church from a baby music session. ‘Oh look‘, commented one to the other ‘they must be getting ready for Christmas’! Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…