or a visual view of the Bible?

As I mentioned on Sunday, the Biblefresh year at my church is a many-faceted one. The programme includes the E100 reading plan, 50 memory verses, a graffiti workshop, a marathon Bible reading, and a photographic exhibition. For the exhibition ,people were invited to illustrate a Bible verse with a photograph, and the response has been terrific. Local businesses agreed to sponsor prizes, and friends and members of the church went out with their cameras.

Yesterday several hours were devoted to constructing the exhibition.

In the end, 79 images were submitted by 27 photographers to illustrate 68 different verses.  As you can see from the images below, our photographers, aged 4 to 81, all adopted very different approaches, resulting in a pleasing exhibition.

Landscapes dominated (23 images) with animals and flowers a close second (21 images between them). What is more surprising in our urban setting is that there were only 5 townscapes.  Is it that we don’t see God in our setting, or just that we are looking for something more aesthetically pleasing?  One of the constant roles of the preacher is to bridge the gap between Bible and world (whether that world is urban or rural) – helping people to see God in their world and their world in the Bible. To an extent this exhibition has done my job for me.

Our first visitors to the exhibition were a group of local police officers. They were fascinated by the exhibition and spent a good amount of time looking at it and casting their votes for their favourite photos.  Just like so many others, their first question was ‘did people take a picture and then find a verse or choose a verse and then go out to take a picture?’ Essentially it doesn’t matter. Whether the exhibition helps people to see the world biblically or the bible visually is a secondary issue. What matters is that they look at both with more than their eyes.


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