A Tale of three Ws

Tried this one out a few years ago, and then reinvented it for yesterday.  At yesterday’s all-age family service, people were invited to pull at ‘W’ card out of an offering bag as it was passed around.  The number on their card denote their part in the interactive retelling of the Easter story:

W1 (biggest number) – welcomers, called upon to cheer and should whenever they were mentioned

W2 (12 only) – winners, called upon to clap whenever they were mentioned

W3 (6 only) – whingers, called upon to ‘boo’ whenever they were mentioned

The short sermon then explored each role a little more.

Welcomers are people who enthusiastically welcome Jesus and all he stands for, but without any depth of understanding or engagement. Some of these people are to be found in every church, especially around the great Christian festivals.

Winners are people who have made a a conscious, informed decision to be on the side of Jesus. In the short term they may lose out by doing so, but in the long term they have bought shares in the kingdom of heaven.

Whingers are those who will always refuse to join in with what God is doing. They were to be found when God’s peopled returned from exile – and they refused to go. They were to be found when Nehemiah was rebuilding Jerusalem and they refused to join in.  They were to be found in John’s Gospel when some received Jesus, and others rejected him.

People drawing their Ws out of the bag yesterday had no choice about which role they played, but in reality we all do…

Photo: farm1. static. flickr