Unbeaten path

When W Y Fullerton (*) went on his travels through Italy and Switzerland, he visited the little town of Domo D’Ossala, as many had before him. Like most visitors he visited the town’s ‘Calvary’, with it’s set of chapels dedicated to different parts of the Easter story. When he visited the chapel of the crucifixion with its magnificent depiction of today’s events, he thought that was it. However, on closer inspection he discovered an overgrown path behind the chapel. Following it, he discovered that it led to another chapel – the Chapel of the Resurrection.  Clearly very few people had bothered to go beyond the crucifixion chapel to the resurrection one. Do we do the same, I wonder?

Image: illagomaggiore.com

I first came across this in George Beasley-Murray’s little book Christ is alive, and have used it many times since.

(*) Fullerton wrote the words to the hymn ‘I cannot tell why he whom angels worship’