Ironic earth

When I logged onto Google this morning, I was pleased to find one of their occasional ‘special’ graphics. Not only do these liven up any searching task, but also they alert me to all  kinds of anniversaries of which I might otherwise be unaware.  These headers have been responsible for altering me to the work of great scientists, musicians and poets. Today’s header is a pleasant scene with a waterfall,pandas, penguins and trees:

Since there was no clue on the graphic itself as to its significance, I clicked on it to find out more. Apparently, today is Earth Day, now in its 22nd year. The day helps people to focus on Planet Earth and our responsibility to care for it.

For Christians, though – how ironic that it should fall on this day – Good Friday. For us, this is the day when the earth behaved unnaturally.  For us, this is the day when the sun refused to shine for many hours on the barbaric assassination of it’s saviour.  For us, this is the day when the branches of a tree, whose every cell was designed by Jesus, stretched out to embrace his quivering, dying form.  For us, this is the day when the earth itself shuddered with an involuntary quake of horror at the moment when the  eternal one died.

Of course it doesn’t mean we can’t join in with Earth Day, just that our perspective on it might be different…