Zombies & other natural hazards

Savouring what might be my last breakfast before the Rapture this morning (according to some) I found myself almost choking with laughter. The reason for my mirth was that the American Surgeon General has posted an article on the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention website on ‘what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse’. In case you think I consumed something hallucinogenic with my breakfast , you can check here. There’s everything there from a ‘brief history of zombies’ to a badge to put on your website or blog.

Of course once you drill down a little further into the post, you see that what Ali Khan is doing is capitalising on the fear of a fictitious emergency to pass on sage advice about what to do in a real one. Hang on a minute – is  that so very different from what preachers do in their pulpits? I hope no-one will waste time tomorrow lampooning a false apocalypse when they could be preparing people for a real one.

Of course, if anyone finds a creature resembling the living dead in their pulpit, that is another problem altogether!