Mapping your responses

I have written on here before about the collaborative possibilities of preaching afforded us by connectivity. Earlier this morning I asked people on Twitter to tell me why and how they had experienced awe. In some ways it is such a nebulous term , and yet almost everybody has some experience of it.  A steady trickle of responses has begun, involving everything from pet shops to the Great Barrier reef!  Shortly after launching the appeal for responses,  I had a suggestion from my friends at KOREUk. Why not map people’s responses to the question?

If you click the map below (and you have a Google account) you should be able to do just that. Sign in and then simply click the “edit” button, followed by the blue pin symbol just inside the map. You can then place the pin wherever you live (or wherever you feel you have tasted awe) and give a brief description. I wonder what picture of awe it will paint? If you are unable to sign in, perhaps you could give you description of where and how you have  experienced awe as a comment. Your help would be much appreciated.

Judging by initial responses, most of our experiences of awe are not drawn from religious settings. I wonder why?