A communications revolution?

I have written on this blog many times about the value of connectivity afforded to us by social media. It allows us to connect with each other in instant, low-cost, innovative ways from which we all benefit. The trouble is, sometimes people simply don’t relate to electronic communication.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with senior executive from a big city finance company.  His offices are doubtless equipped with the most sophisticated computing and networking equipment that money can buy. However, when it comes to communication it has been found that the most successful form of internal communication is not the intranet nor emails nor even internal post, but…

…framed A4 posters on the back of toilet doors and above urinals. The information is changed each day, and there has been a demonstrable upturn in people acting on the information displayed.

There may be numerous reasons for this:

  • people are away from their desks
  • they are a ‘captive audience’
  • though provided by the company, these appear less corporate than other forms of communication
What would you add to the list, and would you consider disseminating information this way in your church toilets, I wonder?