All-age Bible special

Back in the chilly days of last Winter when I was planning this quarter’s programme, it looked like a really good idea to hold a bible marathon, a bible exhibition and an all-age Bible celebration in the same week. When it came to it, the whole thing proved to be something of a marathon – but worth a whole lot more than a laurel crown.

This morning’s service started with the construction of a Bible tower from Bibles brought into church from home- evidence of our Biblical wealth, and a reminder of the need for a sure foundation. After that there were contributions from many different groups, including a Bible cover designed by 10-13 year-olds, testimony about our Bible School and then my personal favourite – the Biblefresh Dragons’ Den. With the use of a projected backdrop and the programme’s theme tune, the scene was set nicely for our teenage youth group to slip into their roles as the Dragons.  Each of our adult ‘pitchers’ were allocated 3 minutes to pitch their fail-safe scheme to get people reading the Bible.

Zoe, a marketing analyst, pitched her idea for the ‘nifty’ (NIVT) which was an NIV watch with integral Bible text – so as to make the wearer on time but also spiritually equipped:

The NIVT - click on image for close-up

Next up was Mike, a project manager for a multinational, who had spotted a gap in the market. Bible apps and equipment are available for reading the Word on train or plane – but what about on a bike? His Bible cycle helmet would certainly turn heads on the street, although it would be unlikely to win any prizes for road safety:

Click on image for a cyclist's eye-view

Of course neither idea is likely to make it to market any time soon, but they certainly made a point. The family of God provides a wealth of enthusiasm and skill from which to encourage and support each other in tackling God’s word. In this, different age-groups can learn from each other.

What would your sure-fire scheme be for encouraging others to read the Bible?