Reflections on the Church iPad 2

Found some publicity in my pigeon-hole this morning for such exciting digital trinkets as a digital lectern and digital music stands with four-way splitters. The piece de resistance though, retailing at a mere £1595.00 was a church iPad 2.  On further inspection it could apparently offer me 2000 hymns & songs with backing tracks, email software, presentation software and a calendar package. Even with all of that I’m still not sure that it has all it needs for the church leader. Surely there are some other apps which should come pre-loaded:

  • Knocktheirheadstogether – church dispute resolution package
  • Verseselecta – finds the most apposite verse for the most awkward pastoral situation
  • Budgetplus – generates church funds at the touch of a finger
  • Virtual youth group/ Sunday school leader (delete as applicable) – new staff on demand
  • Sermonator- generates a sermon on a topic or text of your choice
Which app would get your vote, and what apps would you add?