A lesson in trust

Whenever speaking to new Christians I have always felt the word ‘trust’ to be more helpful than the word ‘believe’. We can ‘believe’ anything from the whether forecast to the headlines in (some) newspapers – but trust implies some degree of commitment on our behalf. Knowing that people appreciate an occasional transferable children’s talk on such a subject, you might care to ‘cut out and paste’ the one below. It is illustrated here with Scrabble letters, although maybe children’s alphabet blocks would be even better – after all, we  build our faith on such things. The whole thing is built outwards from the first two letters as it progresses.

Believing in God is not all about amazing and heroic people, it is about people like us:

If we do believe in Him, it is all about doing something with that belief, and not allowing it to rust away.

In fact, in the end it all comes down to trust.

Later this morning I shall try to tackle this from an adult perspective as I preach on Proverbs 3 v.5 “trust in the Lord with all you heart, and lean not oyour own understanding”.  With God’s help, I shall have to hope it lands on a triple word score in the hearts of those who hear!

(Images: creativecommons)