…from beginning to end

So, the giant has fallen. NOTW has crashed to earth, throwing a great cloud of scandal and hubris into the air as it has done so. The chatterverse has been awash with opinions about it, and most of us have nodded our heads sagely at the end of this particular scandal-infested era.

Strangely, though, the NOTW seems to have gained, rather than shrunk, in value in its death throes. At the last count this morning copies of the paper’s last edition were selling at up to thirty times the cover price. The one below, selling as I write this, had already risen to 18 times the cover price:

Image: ebay.co.uk

Scandal and notoriety sell, it would seem. In this Biblefresh year, I wondered what we might attract for a copy of the Bible if we put it up on ebay, simply calling it ‘the book’? . It has sex, scandal, intrigue and inspiration in abundance.  It has puzzles, poems, prophecies and incisive exposes of the human condition. It can boast a pedigree stretching back over 1500 years of writing by 40 authors in 3 different cultures. In short, it gives the ‘news of the world’, from start to finish.

Anyone care to suggest a pithy description for an ebay sale? If I get some good ones, I might just seek to sell a copy, by way of an experiment.